Welcome to Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is located on the eastern boundary of the Rocky Mountains, approximately a one-hour drive south of the Denver metropolitan area. To the east are rolling plains, ideal for a growing community’s expansion and development. To the west rises the majestic 14,110-foot Pikes Peak, one of many high, scenic peaks of the Rockies. To the south is the Arkansas River valley with its agricultural lands and the towns of Pueblo and Cañon City. The city encompasses more than 183 square miles.


Colorado Springs is located in El Paso County, which encompasses 2,159 square miles, much of it rural agricultural and grazing land to the east of Colorado Springs. It is the largest municipality in the county. Other population centers in the county include Monument and Palmer Lake to the north; Security, Widefield and Fountain to the south; and Manitou Springs, Cascade and Green Mountain Falls to the west.


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